Can't find ammo at all.

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Can't find ammo at all.

Post  dwc43 on Mon Jun 22, 2009 6:08 pm

Can't find ammo at all. No 9,40,or 45's Just stopped practicing for now. Hell, I aint getting no better, so I doubt I'll get worse.

Did manage to find some 22 for 1.97 per 50 at Wal Mart and some 7.62x39 for 14.97 per 20 or 28.97 per 40 in of all brands Winchester. They have some Rem. in that cal. too for about a buck more. No 308,223. Just weird stuff like 270 and 7 or 8 mm. Wal Mart limits you to 6 boxes no matter what cal., so I've been buying up some .22 and 39mm when I have the extra funds. At least I"ll have them if we go to war .... lol.


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