We Aren't Ridin' Dirty, We're Just Rockin' Out!

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We Aren't Ridin' Dirty, We're Just Rockin' Out!

Post  Big Joe on Thu Jun 25, 2009 1:18 am

My sister came over for Father's Day on Sunday and had an interesting story of what happened to her Boyfreind's older brother and his kids (around 6 and 3 years old IIRC.) Apparently the boys like to take after their father and uncle and listen to music like Tool and such and have watched "Rob and Big" on MTV on more than one occasion. Well a few days before this her BF's brother was driving down the street with the boys sitting in the back of his sedan doing a little head banging to something (sorry, don't remember what) and apparently a following officer thought it looked rather strange and decided to pull the car over just to make sure his kids were all right. He walks up along the side of the car and goes to tell her BF's brother why he's pulling him over and the next thing they knew the older of the two boys pipes up and tells the officer "We're not ridin' dirty, we're rocking out!" Then suddenly the younger of the two then lets out with "YOU WANT A PIECE OF ME, YOU CAN'T HANDLE A PIECE OF ME!!!!"

Fortunetly, the officer was fairly young and recognised where the boys got this from and told their father why he pulled them over then went on back to his cruiser after wishing them a good day.....and I'm assuming probably damn near pissed his pants in laughter (I know I would have Cool ) After it happened he was relaying the store to his brother and my sister and it sounds like they were practically rolling on the floor in laughter, much like Dad and I did, although Mom didn't quite get it.........
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