adjustment of the kick down rod a727

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adjustment of the kick down rod a727

Post  txpower_ram on Sun Aug 16, 2009 8:47 pm

Looked at the kick down on my truck's tranny and compared to my friends truck mines looks more forward then his. How do I adjust it properly? I have a thought that the tranny isnt burned. What it does is the line pressure isnt there and it pops in and out of gear.

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Re: adjustment of the kick down rod a727

Post  dwc43 on Mon Aug 17, 2009 12:40 am

Smell of the fluid and you can tell if it's dark and burned compared to fresh tranny fluid that is a lite redish color.

With the throttle wide open the lever at the trans should be reward. That does not mean all the way back. You can move it back and forth to get it to shift at the proper speeds.


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