Borgeson Telescoping Steering Shaft.

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Borgeson Telescoping Steering Shaft.

Post  dwc43 on Mon Dec 14, 2009 2:12 am

This is the best money I ever spent on my 4x4. With larger tires it really stresses the ball joints, tie rod ends, brakes and in Mopar's case the steering coupler you see on the end of your steering box with the shaft that runs back to the column. Not only does the moving pieces inside the coupler wear out, but the groves inside the coupler wear out too. So you need the rebuild kit and the coupler housing and you can only get them from the dealer and you know how much they charge.

I had already rebuilt mine twice when I found this piece. Again it's a costly piece from Borgeson, but, it's well worth the money. It cost less that rebuilding your stock coupler twice. And it's very tight and really improved the steering and feel of the truck with the big tires on it. It can also be cut down to fit on cars if it is too long for your model. Mine has been on my truck for over 12 years now and it still works great and the steering is still very tight. So if you have a worn coupler, you should get one of these and never worry about it again.


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