Obama Turns Interpol Loose On America

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Obama Turns Interpol Loose On America

Post  dwc43 on Sat Jan 09, 2010 8:27 pm

Obama Turns Interpol Loose On America


Obama signed an executive order with one hand, and gave you the finger with the other. Treason we can believe in.

Remember when Spain decided that they were going to prosecute George Bush for war crimes in Iraq? Well, they couldn’t get to him here in the United States, so all their posturing was just for show. Or was it? Enter Executive Order 12425. That was an order signed by then president Ronald Reagan that gave Interpol some leeway in conducting their operations. Although they had diplomatic status, they still had to answer for any malfeasance, the same as any American law enforcement agency. Barack Obama has amended that executive order, gutting the provisions that would have held Interpol accountable for criminal actions. They now have the immunity of any head of state, and can’t be touched by you, law enforcement, or anybody else for that matter.

Interpol operates out of the Justice Department (yes, that Justice Department), and have American law enforcement under their command already. Now they’ll have immunity from any kind of crime that they may commit. They don’t have to turn over any evidence, their property can’t be seized, and in fact, can’t even be searched unless they waive their right of refusal. Let’s get back to Spain indicting George Bush. Under this executive order, Interpol can conceivably capture George Bush, Dick Cheney, Don Rumsfeld and others, and take them back to Spain for trial. Yes, they would have to breach security to do it, but now…they have full immunity in making the attempt.

Barack Obama claims to have authority to do this under the Constitution. Show me where he can unilaterally gut the Constitution. He can’t, but with the deafening silence of any opposition (are your hearing me GOP) he will get away with it. And why would he stop with the Bush administration? How about an international law brokered by the United Nations, that says maybe, lambasting Muslim terrorists is denigrating Islam and therefore illegal. That is already the case in some countries. What would stop them from coming after you? Even one of Obama’s stooges in the State Department, Harold Koh indicated that the U.S. should operate per legal norms of other countries. What does that mean? Interpol may let you know the hard way.

Barack Obama has committed treason and given away sovereignty of the United States to an international police force. They are immune to the laws of the United States and the to the Constitution. I ask again, where are the Republicans that stand to benefit in November? Chirp, chirp. Obama is a Kenyan fraud. What law enforcement agency has the brass to slap a pair of cuffs on this dope smoking Marxist? Hell, who has enough nerve to even speak out? Is the fate of country in the hands of patriot bloggers? Yeah, well, they want to regulate the internet as well, and now they have Interpol to help make that a reality. Post something that could violate a law in some other country and, under this executive order, Interpol has the authority to kick in your door. That’s not rhetoric, that’s Executive Order 12425.


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