Found a local that knows all about mopars

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Found a local that knows all about mopars

Post  txpower_ram on Fri Apr 02, 2010 9:15 am

Talked to a guy the other day with a '90 Dodge 150 with a 318 at the local car show. He said hes looking for a 318 and said hes got a 360 from a motorhome that he'd trade for. I asked but mines fuel injected. He said no problem. He said just remove the fuel pump and put a block plate on the block and mount a 7 lbs. inline fuel pump on the rail with a relay. He said then just take the intake manifold off my 318 put it on the 360 then everything goes back on and change out the brain box. He said that 360 works better with a 727 than 318. So im going to ask he will help me do all this. Is this guy right? I know dwc said some of this before in the past.

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Re: Found a local that knows all about mopars

Post  dwc43 on Sat Apr 03, 2010 11:07 am

That's not exactly right. You want be able to use any of the FI stuff if you make the switch. The 360 pc wont swap into your truck. So if you make the swap you need to go back to a carb. You don't want to put the 318 intake on the 360 either. While it will fit the ports are way too small for a 360 and it will kill the hp you would gain from the swap. Yes, even if you keep it a 2bbl carb it will still loose too much power from the small port intake.

I'm guessing he needs the intake off the 360 to put on your 318 to make it work in his truck. If yours has the old intake with the 2bbl throttle body with two injectors in it, he can use that and put a 2bbl on it. IF he still wants the 360 intake, give it to him and buy a new Weiand Action Plus 8007 and then get you a Carter Thermoquad That will pep up the 360 on top of that.

The motor home engine will already have a mechanical fuel pump on the side of it. Cut the line on your truck and run it to that pump. Now you need to mod the electric pump in the fuel tank. Best thing to do is take the bed off. You can do it by yourself actually. This is also the best way to change the pump instead of trying to drop the tank. Just take the fuel filler tub loose from the bed. 3 or 4 screws, that' all. Then remove the 6 Torx head bolts in the bed. Now you can put a jack under it on the fuel tank side and use a 2x4 on top of the jack to hit the bottom of the bed. Raise it up till you can get the fuel pump out of the tank. Remove the pump from the sending unit and replace it with a fuel resistant rubber line and clamp the plastic sock off of the bottom of the old pump onto the bottom of this fuel line. Then reinstall.

Now you'll need an iginition system. This one will do. You can use that with the stock 360 dist. Instructions included and very easy to install. A red and black for 12v and ground. A wire to the ignition switch, and two to the dist. and two to your coil. This will really help make it start up real easy.

The motor home 727 will work just fine behind your 360 as well.I'd want to get a converter and shift kit from TCI though. I'm sure the motor home converter is pretty lazy, but you can do without it. I don't think you'll be doing too much racing with it. Need any more help, just let me know.Very Happy


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