Results of This Week's Border Trip

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Results of This Week's Border Trip Empty Results of This Week's Border Trip

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Here is a first-hand report that you will not find in the "Lamestreet" media reports!

It is about what is happening in Arizona ---- NOW!

Results of This Week's Border Trip

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, several State Legislators, along with GPTPP President Kelly Townsend, went to the Sierra Vista/Naco area of the border on a fact-finding mission. The facts that were established aren't anything new to many of you, however when you take each one of them and line them up, they create a picture that we may never have seen before. They will be presented for your evaluation.

1. A major holding camp in the desert is no longer there thanks to the efforts of the minutemen.

2. There are many people entering into our country through the port of entry, legally each day.

3. The Ranchers used to have illegals knock on their door and ask for food/water in exchange for day labor on the ranch. Today, they force their way in, take food, use the phone, and steal the vehicles in broad daylight. Because many of the ranchers lease their land from the Government, they are not sure if Castle doctrine applies to them and are afraid in their own homes to defend themselves. They were to host us for dinner, but canceled out of fear of retaliation from the drug lords.

4. No part of the fence is secure. Regardless of the type of fencing, it is easy to get over. We were told the reason razor wire is not installed on top is because we are afraid of litigation should one of them cut themselves. We also heard another reason from a different law enforcement officer that it was inhumane. California has razor wire on their fence.

5. While we were preparing for the town hall in Naco, 6 illegal aliens were apprehended on the golf course behind us.

6. The Sierra Vista, Naco, and Tohono O'odham are the entry port of over 80% of our nation's marijuana. It is in this area that the drug lords are fighting over. It is currently held by the Sinaloa Drug Cartel, headed up by a man named "Chapo Guzman." Yesterday, Mexican police detained and questioned his wife, who was in one of the houses they raided.

7. We attended a building dedication Tuesday on Fort Huachuca that houses the Human Intelligence Training Joint Center of Excellence. Despite the sensitive nature of this building, no part of Fort Huachuca is secure with an impassable fence. In fact, the majority of the base is secured with a three-strand barbed wire cattle fence. Because Fort Huachuca is in direct line with the illegal alien pathway, they experience incursions daily. People walk through the base, not even realizing they are on US Government property. However, the fort is unable to get the funding to secure it from the crossings of both drug invasion and human invasion.

8. The area where the deputy was shot was about 20 minutes West on the I-8 from the I-10. If you drive this area and double back you can see the foot traffic in the sandy wash. DO NOT STOP or go into the area, this is strictly a drug trafficking corridor into the Phoenix Metro. The situation has escalated to the point that if a drug runner loses his bundle for whatever reason, he is absolutely guaranteed to be killed, along with his family. Therefore, he will stop at nothing to complete his mission (hence, a shot deputy).

9. The deputy was alone in the deep area of the desert due to lack of personnel.

10. This corridor was discovered because of the communication of the Phoenix police cooperating with the Pinal co. Sheriff's office. The simple act of the Phoenix PD coming down and sharing stories with the sheriff's office revealed important intel and now they know the pathways of the drug runners.

11. The drug runners have encrypted walkie-talkies that the sheriff's department has been unable to decode. However, when they apprehend smugglers, they confiscate the radio and can hear the chatter and track the movement. According to a Pinal Co. deputy, however, when the Federal government finds out they have one of the cartel's radios, they via satellite, "zap" the radio and render it as useless as a brick. The explanation they were given was that it was an FCC violation.

12. The State of Arizona was given mis-information regarding our eligibility for a grant that would have allowed us to contract with Geocris, a company that synchronizes communications between law enforcement agencies. Napolitano's office, as well as another Federal office in DC and in Phoenix, told legislators that the grant was available only to smaller sub-units within Arizona, but not the State itself. When challenged, they then agreed that Arizona was eligible, however that was 5 hours prior to the grant deadline. At this time, "interoperability" between law enforcement agencies is slow because they all work on different frequencies. This slows the process down, leaving our ranchers and citizens more vulnerable. An interoperability program would greatly increase efficacy and legislators are looking for ways to fund the program. It would be 1.4 million to install Geocris at the border, and nearly 6 million statewide.

13. The DPS and Pinal Co. swat teams accompanied us on the fact-finding mission. However, on the Federal level, Border Patrol refused to speak with us or accompany us. (Field level officers were professional and interacted with us well when we encountered them, however on a bureaucratic level, they wanted nothing to do with us)

14. We saw back packs, drug bundle straps, clothing, trash, bloody bandages, and several broken-down bicycles out in the Gila bend/Casa Grand drug corridor. While out there, we encountered a vehicle that quickly disappeared. This level of presence is rare, with all the police vehicles, swat vehicles, etc in the caravan we had deep in the desert. Typically, officers are all alone out there.

15. The most egregious fact is that right now, the drug cartel lords control the "high grounds" in Southern Arizona. As you take a drive on the 8 freeway and see the hills there, you can know that on many of them are cartel scouts, watching the movement of law enforcement and communicating it on their encrypted radios. Because they control the high ground, they control the area. Essentially what we were being told by the deputies, Arizona is not in control of the situation and in all reality, we have been invaded and they are winning. If this were considered a war, (which it is) Arizona is in submission to the drug lords.

They easily pass the fence, they walk right through the Army base, their radios are secure by the help of satellite technology by the Federal government, and the most recent grant that would increase efficacy was thwarted by the misinformation from Napolitano's office.

Rep. Jerry Weirs

Rep. David Gowan

Rep. Frank Antenori

Rep. Carl Seel

Chris Simcox

Kelly Townsend

Also in attendance was Sen. Linda Gray, & Rep. Dave Nichols &

This gentleman was a "voluntary return." When I interviewed him in Spanish, he told me that he was caught the day before just over the fence. It took a day to process him and after a day long process and 2-3 meals, and he will be back the next day to try again because he has to get back to his job here in the US. free polls
What is your conclusion after reading the facts of this week's border trip?

The drug lords control Arizona

The Federal Government has a protected open door for the drug lords

Arizona has this problem under control

The Federal Government is doing everything possible to stop illegal immigration

Illegal immigration is always going to be a problem

Even with the fence, the border will not be secure


(This information has been sent to 17 of the largest Tea Party Groups around the nation for distribution to their members)

The Greater Phoenix Tea Party is a multi-partisan group of Americans dedicated to becoming more active with their civic duties, seeking knowledge about the political process, keeping up to date on current issues, protecting the Constitution, state sovereignty, defending free market principles, reducing spending and taxes, and electing quality American public officials that will adhere to these ideals, regardless of party affiliation.

It is almost beyond comprehension that Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) and Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-CT) will introduce the Cap-and-Trade Act on Wednesday, May 12th, for consideration by the Senate. It is being passed
off as a “climate bill” with provisions for more oil drilling, but it
is an assault on reality, on science, on common sense, and on any
future economic growth of the nation.

Cry Treason!
Treason is generally defined as the offense of attempting to
overthrow the government of one’s country or of assisting its enemies
in war. Benedict Arnold burned his name into U.S. history by conspiring
with the British to turn over West Point to them. When his plot
failed, he fled to England.

Tell everyone to join our forum, today!! Have fun and enjoy.

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