73 Challenger Battery Relocation

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73 Challenger Battery Relocation Empty 73 Challenger Battery Relocation

Post  cudadreamer on Fri Jun 06, 2014 6:47 am

Hi Guy`s,
I bought and want to install a Summit Battery Relocation Kit (Sum-G1231-K)and Battery Disconnect Switch(Sum-G1432).Directions that came with kit kinda suck.I did some surfing and boy there are so many ideas people have (not mopar people)on how too do it.I need how to wire both(Battery and Switch)and where to run cables(inside or outside).At this time I don`t want to kill altenator.This is a street car .I do all work on car myself ,but this is a little different and out of my zone.Pictures of mounted Battery Box and Switch location options would be Awesome!
Heres a little about car.
360 426ci stroker,worked Eddy heads, Tunnel Ram with 2- 650 Holleys,727,8 3/4 4.30 Gear.Super Stock 3600 Leaf Springs.

Nevada Car.

Pictures of your set up would be Greatly Appreciated


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73 Challenger Battery Relocation Empty Re: 73 Challenger Battery Relocation

Post  dwc43 on Tue Jul 15, 2014 12:42 am

ok battery in the trunk. Drag car mount it north est and west, road race type car mount north and south to prevent shorts internally during high g force. Run ground to frame. Clean off frame till it's shiny metal, don't just run a self tap screw through it. Run a second heavy ground cable from the engine to the frame in the same fashion. Run pos wire over left inner fender well, under seat, beside door. Pull the carpet up, there is a channel made for wires by the inner rocker panel. Through firewall and to the pos. post on the starter relay box. Done.

To use the disconnect switch with the alt. you need the right switch. Flip it over. Two post non alt, 4 post two big two little for use with alt. Make sure you have the right switch or it wont kill the engine or the power when you throw the switch off. After all that is what the switch is for. If you run electric fuel pumps, run the power from the alt side of the kill switch to the power side of the fuel pumps so they die as well. Find the small hot wire that feeds the voltage reg. That is the switching wire that turns the alt on and off as needed. You'll notice the other small wire from the reg goes to the alt. Split the hot wire to the reg. That is where your small lugs on the disconnect switch will go. Between those two wires after you split it into. Now you can cut the big red wire from your battery and put it on each side of the two large lugs on your switch. And now mount the switch where it belongs. On drag cars it's on the rear tail light panel. So that means cut the red battery wire back there and run long small wires up to the reg and splice. oval track cars put them in the interior, so you can see how they need to be wired in.

Hope that helps. Any questions let me know.


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