How to rebuild a top fuel Hemi in just 65 minutes ...

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How to rebuild a top fuel Hemi in just 65 minutes ...

Post  dwc43 on Sat Feb 14, 2009 7:36 pm

This article about top fuels was in Hotrod magazine a few years back. Every time I read this it just blows me away. It is hard to believe how fast they can go through the engines on the cars.

Here is the timeline - 65 minutes start to finish


00:00 Car brought into pits; crew begins pulling carbon fiber side panels
00:30 Tool organizer in place on top of driver's cage; plug wires and fuel lines begin coming off
01:00 Ballistic covers off engine; clutch man has puke tank removed
03:05 Valve covers off
05:00 First wheel is off; oil Pan drained and removed
06:00 Blower off
07:10 First main cap comes off
08:00 Shaft-mounted rocker arm system off heads
08:15 Cylinder heads off
08:45 First rod cap is off
09:30 First piston/rod assembly removed from engine; cylinder head men begin checking cylinder bores as pistons come out
10:00 Bellhousing off
11:15 Final piston/rod assembly comes out; miller begins replacing lower bearing shells in the main caps
13:00 Final clutch pieces come out
14:15 Lifters out
17:00 New clutch pack goes in
17:20 First of new piston/rod assemblies go back in
19:05 Last piston/rod installed; final main cap and bearing shell checked
26:20 Last main cap bolt torque'd
29:00 Bottem end buttoned up including pan
31:20 Head gaskets in place
32:15 First cylinder head in place
35:00 Pushrods installed
35:30 Rocker arm assembly bolted down
42:00 Engine oil poured through lifter valley
45:00 Belt and pulley system installed
50:30 Intake manifold in place and checked for flatness
54:30 Blower placed on intake manifold
55:00 Blower belt in place; begin lashing valves
60:00 Valve covers on
62:00 Spark plugs in and wires on
65:00 Double-check motor before warm up

You better have ear plugs in when they fire it up too!! Laughing


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