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Post  dwc43 on Wed Jan 28, 2009 12:22 pm

When I first started racing, I raced drag cars. Out of all of my cars I only have a pic of this one car. And it just happens to be the first car I got beat in too. I called it "Jinxed" cause I always had the transmission out of it or the engine tore apart. Only car that I had fuel problems with. Kept leaning it out. Burned a hole in number 5 cylinder racing it one night and burned a hole in number 8 racing it one night. Beat a camaro one night and threw the number 3 rod out of the side of the block. I still think it went lean and took out the piston. When it was tore down the wrist pin was flush with one side of the rod and the rod was U shaped. Piston was in little pieces in the bottom of the pan.

This car originally belonged to Andy Mays the K.O.S. 4 time champ. Lives in Nollenseville Tn. not far from me. When he ran it, it was hood less with a tunnel ram on it. I just run the big block with one carb though. Got any questions about her, let me know. Oh, and sorry for the poor pics. They are scans of 35mm prints that I did not take.

Drag car pic. 70_roa10

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